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We humans are created to live in harmony with nature. As we did before the industrial revolution and the big cities started shaping our living conditions. The fact that we are created in the likeness of God does, of course, not mean that God is human, but that we are created from love and for love.

Living in full love on earth is simply living in harmony with nature and following the golden rule of treating your neighbour as you would like to be treated, with all that this implies.

In today's modern society, we have become so alienated from our natural state of being that many of us do not know who they are, where they are going or how to live a natural and good life.

We have been taught that we must have an education in order to survive or have a good life. This couldn't be further from the truth, as schools, universities and academia are top-run and much of the curriculum is built on lies and propaganda designed to make us obedient wage-slaves paying taxes our whole lives, both men and women (that's why the power elite staged the "women's lib").

To survive here on earth, life skills are required:

- Cultivation and storage of food
- Livestock farming
- House building
- Crafts
- Knowledge of herbs and plants
- Strong family ties
- Contact with the Source of Creation

And for inner peace: common sense to shun all external attempts to create chaos in our minds.
To avoid: distraction and pastime; video games, watching TV, porn, etc.

Pornography, like sex without love and sex with contraception, is devastating to our well-being and our
frequency. Our souls are also not adapted to plan, to stress and incite through existence in search of perfection; perfect body, perfect partner, bigger - faster - better, or a life of luxury and glamor without real contact with our inherent need for contact with the earth.

The children of God (far from all here on earth..) are created in love, by love, for love, to  know ourselves, learn, grow and mature in order to return home. That is the "meaning of life".  One of the greatest deceptions in Western culture is the emphasis on the material and the physical. We are not our bodies, but the spirit that inhabits it and gives life to the body. Death does not exist. We leave our bodies and end up in other areas/dimensions/worlds and realms, depending on the overall frequency we had in this life or incarnation.

When our spirits first come here as pure beings (when we are born), full of life and desire, we are very soon informed that we are vulnerable and may die if we are not careful, that the earth is about to perish, that everything may come to an end, and that Jesus, The Son of God, who was love personified, was crucified for us. Is this how you are rewarded by your loving Father?! This is etched into our consciousness until many are so afraid of dying that they dare not live a full life. The ensuing self-deception of self-medication takes many forms and types of abuse.


Sexual energy is the physical manifestation of Divine creative power. It is a gift from God as is our inherent emotional guidance system. Both help us find the way Home.

The pineal gland or Third Eye and the crown chakra (Corona) are targets of the world/Satan/Lucifer, as they are our connection to our Creator and the spirit world. People in general and Christians in particular tend to be skeptical about chakras  and spirit contact. Then consider that Jesus repeatedly came to disciples in dreams and revelations, after he left the earthly life. It is through this "Third Eye" that this type of contact is possible!* Fluoride is a neurotoxin that accumulates and calcifies the pineal gland. (It is known that fluoride was used on prisoners in Russian Gulags to make them more compliant). If, on the other hand, we are receptive to Divine guidance, we follow no one else and that is reguarded as athreat to society. So also in Jesus' time. These knowledges along with the science of our potential through the Kundalini power are the early teachings of Jesus, which were confiscated and are still relatively unknown to most today and labeled as 'occult'. The term occult itself simply means 'hidden' - knowledge is deliberately kept hidden from the masses.


The Kundalini force spiral movement along the spine

Jesus traveled to the Far East to study spirituality. The hand signs or Mudras come spontaneously upon activated Kundalini through advanced spiritual discipline, a manifestation of the Divine life force. On several copper engravings by Jacopo de' Barbari from c:a 1500, the symbol of Kundalini can be seen: the staff of Hermes (Caduceus). That Mary was not a physical virgin, but pure in heart and innocent was understood before these knowledges were demonized, inverted/perverted and erased from Christianity.

We have come here to experience separation from God. It was our own will to come here and God allowed it because He loves us so much that He let us leave Him for a while, He does not leave us. We come here with a free will and a guidance system to cope with the sometimes harsh and cruel existence that life on earth can be. Our feelings, our intuition or gut feeling show us if we are on the right path. In order to have access to this inner guidance system, however, peace and quiet, own time for reflection and natural beingness is required.
The governing forces are well aware of our connection with God and are working hard to shut down our inner guidance through distractions and conditioning to a digital mobile phone prison and seductive media with a constant stress to stay up to date. They have studied human behavior for hundreds of years and know what triggers fear, envy, guilt etc and they use ALL means to make us feel weak, fragile and vulnerable to external influences we cannot control ourselves.

The truth is that it is WE who create everything that happens in the world through our creative minds. The power elite knows this and exploits our creative ability for their own gain; The New World Order - a technocratic world dictatorship where we may be lured with financial compensation or other benefits such as basic income for those who meet the requirements -
Revelation 13:16.

Under the pretense that we must save "the planet" from destruction from a fabricated climate threat, an orchestrated pandemic with deliberate economic collapse, skyrocketing electricity prices and famine in its wake, they want us to comply with every new mandate. Don't buy into it! Instead, use your God-given free will to distance yourself from these crimes against humanity. And don't despair. The incoming high celestial frequencies are causing the old systems to crumble. They CAN'T remain in the new. We are in a transition period to the new earth - 2 Peter 3:13. Big changes are coming, but fear not. Everything that happens is for the best. Not for the common good but for the spiritual evolution of mankind and the awakening from the world of illusions.


Historical popes include Jews, Jesuits, sex offenders, and other criminals. None of these so-called "holy men" are enlightened or more holy than anyone; they are worldly men, globalists and collaborators of Agenda 2030 and the New World Order. They are also ardent proponents of ecumenism, which is an initiative to dilute Christianity and trivialise Christ and the Word of God. In hard-to-find archives there are confiscated texts about genuine spiritual development and other information that has been kept secret to strengthen the church's control over spirituality. The counter-reformation with the Inquisitions was used to silence true Christians, and keep secret the tools of ascension and eradicate the knowledge of personal and natural communication with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


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