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Heinrich Scherer (1628 - 1704) was a German Jesuit, mathematician, cartographer, geographer and professor. On this world map, with the true shape of the earth, he has marked the spread of the Jesuits' mission (infiltration) over the world. (Compare with today's maps of the Jesuit educational institutions We also see how the traveling Jesuits, bottom left, the founder of the company of Jesus, Ignatius Loyola, allow themselves to be worshiped by the indigenous people.


Another Scherer map. This shows the route for Megallan's world circumnavigation. North Pole, Antarctica and Australia were unknown regions at the time.

An illustration from Scherer's Atlas Novus shows his frustration with the new representation of the world; the globe. An Eastern astrologer / astronomer tears up a horoscope. (Astronomy as well as true astrology are based on the cosmology of modern times (also Biblical) and to the left is someone with a high degree of proof; ex Tartaria and the circumnavigation of the world etc.), appeal to superior.

Scherer compares PLANISPAERII POLARIS (flat earth) to GLOBI TERRESTRIS (the globe) and notes about the globe: "It does not make sense to mix this type of geography with science and is in my opinion nothing more than disturbing science". He refers to the "pole of the world" as the "center of the earth" and calls his "flat earth" maps PLANISPAERII POLARIS.
Heinrich Scherer probably had difficulty with Jesuit censorship, as there are many maps by him showing the "new" globe geography. It even seems that he was involved in doing all the mathematical calculations to adapt the plane's flat surface to a sphere.

Nowadays, due to the massive globe indoctrination and Jesuit "co-adjutors" with
influence over education , etc., most people really believe that the earth is a globe, even though 500 everyone years ago knew, what some intuitively know; that the earth is flat.

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