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The Inquisition Wheel

The Spanish Inquisition


After the printing press was invented and the Bible began to circulate among the people, they began to wake up to the fact that the teachings of Jesus had nothing to do with the hypocrisy, flamboyance, idolatry, confessions and indulgences of the Roman Catholic Church, but that you could have a personal relationship with God . Protestantism began to spread like real wildfire throughout Europe during The Reformation.

Inquisitions were instituted by the Vatican to maintain control over the people. Spirit communication was considered witchcraft and the spreading of God's Word heresy. Hundreds of millions of Protestants were tortured and slaughtered in inquisitions both before and after the Counter-Reformation in the most horrific ways imaginable, all in the name of the Roman Catholic anti-Christian faith.


An example: Bohemia in 1600, in a population of 4,000,000, of which 80 percent Protestants. When the Habsburgs and Jesuits had done their work, 800,000 remained, all Catholics.

How Protestants were murdered: Burned alive at the stake, sawed apart, pushed off cliffs, torn apart by wild horses, cut in pieces, hanged, drowned, stabbed, boiled alive in oil, buried alive, beheaded, had boiling lead poured down their throats, impaled , hung by the ribs, crucified upside down, etc.


The torture methods were also sadistic and bestial. See below.




Joan of Arc, who was the forerunner of Protestantism and refused to submit to the Catholic Church, was burned at the stake.

William Tyndale who was the first ever to print the New Testament in English was tied to a stake, strangled and burned to ashes.

The IRON MAIDEN torture device


Massacre of Huguenots on Saint Bartholomew's Day in Paris 24/25 August 1572, instigated by Catherine de Medici and carried out by Roman Catholic nobility.

At one M_edited.jpg

At one Mr. Atkins seven papists broke in and crushed his head, then sprang up the hand of his pregnant wife after they had raped her, and like Nero they then took the child and sacrificed it in the fire.

English Protestants were forced to strip naked and were taken up into the mountains in snow and frost where several hundred lay frozen to death by the roadside.

The Preeftes & Jefuiter anoite the Rebel

Priests and Jesuits anointed the rebels with the holy sacraments before murdering and robbing, assuring them that if they died they would escape hell and go straight to heaven.

They usually compete to see who can cut the deepest with their swords into the dead flesh. They slaughter our sheep because they hate us so much. They have sworn to exterminate the English.

Hawing rawifhed Virgens & Wifer they tak

Maidens and wives saw childrens skulls smashed against the wall in front of weeping parents before they themselves were similarly destroyed.

Mr. Ierome, minister of Brides was stabbed and had his limbs cut off.

The Lord Blany forced to ride 1+ miles w

Lord Blany was forced to ride 14 Miles without bridle and saddle to save his life. His wife and children had to watch as a relative was murdered to scare them.

Mr. Dauenant and his wife were tied to the chairs their 2 oldest children aged 7 were stripped and grilled on a spit in front of their parents. Then they cut the throat of the mother and murdered the father.

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The Inquisition in Goa was requested by the 1540s by the Jesuit priest. Saint Francis Xavier who is still venerated today.

Saint Thomas Aquinas has written the Roman Catholic Church's official philosophy, Thomism. Aquinas advocates the death penalty for "heresy".

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