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"Are You Ready Yet To Help Me Save The World?"
Jesus in A Course In Miracles Volume IV Use of Terms



A Course In Miracles is God's Plan for Salvation

It was brought to us for the times we're in now
to reverse the errors of the world.

they Listen, Learn and DO"

Jesus in the Urtext Introduction to Miracles

This is the most accurate version of ACIM there is today. It is unedited, uncensored with commentarys and explanations by Jesus himself. 

This version is thick and heavy and contains a lot of very important text which is not included anywhere else.

… The ONLY version of A Course in Miracles that include Jesus' complete "foundation stone" explanations of "Spiritual eye," vs "Holy Spirit," "Christ Guidance" vs "Christ control," "Soul," "world," “Projection” vs “extension,” the “miracle prayer,” His “GREAT CRUSADE”, and even the instructions on human sexuality, ”because this is an area the miracle worker must understand. "MUST"!!

Dough Thompson in A Course In MIracles Urtext Edition. Read more



Kenneth Wapnick, FIP version

This version, which is the most used, translated into 27 languages, is edited by Helen Schucman and Kenneth Wapnick and has been censored, changed and sometimes even rewritten to make it more "printer friendly", although presented by the Foundation for Inner Peace as "virtually unchanged".

The questions that arise once one digs into the history of the Course, the editing and the different versions are quite many. Read more
and here.


The Story Behind A Course in Miracles

One day in October 1965, Helen Schucman, a researcher and clinical psychologist, heard a voice say, "This is A Course in Miracles; Please take notes." The voice introduced himself as 'Jesus'.

The Scholar’s Toolbox I & II - ACIM Primary Source Documents, Concordances and Audio

The scribes Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford

There are many other versions of the Course out there, but the COMPLETE SEVEN VOLUME: THE CIRCLE OF ATONEMENT - which includes others material taken down by Helen Schucman from Jesus as well (GIFTS OF GOD EXCLUDED) - are the most accurate versions.

was among the last material Helen took down from Jesus in the same manner as the rest of  the Course and the poems by Jesus. However, Somehow Kenneth Wapnick and Helen Schucman decided not to include any of this material in the Course, but later publish it as Helen's own poetry in her book Gifts of God and many of the poems in Wapnick's book "Absence from Felicity", both books published by Wapnick's Foundation For Inner Peace. Wapnick stated himself that the Gifts of God which both conclude the whole curriculum as well as offer further guidance, were indeed part of the Course.

Below, the five paragraphs with excerpts from the text:

1. THE DREAM OF FEAR - "Does God deceive or does the world? For it is sure that one must lie."

2. THE TWO GIFTS - "Open your hands, and give all things to me that you have held against your holiness and kept as slander on the Son of God. Practice with every one you recognize as what it is."

"You need only call my Name, and ask me to accept the gift of pain from willing hands that would be laid in mine, with thorns laid down and nails long thrown away as one by one the sorry gifts of earth are joyfully relinquished. In my hands is every‐ thing you want and need and hoped to find among the shabby toys of earth. I take them all from you and they are gone. And shining in the place where once they stood there is a gateway to another world through which we enter in the Name of God."

3. THE ENDING OF THE DREAM - "Oh children of the Father you forgot, you have not put your idols in His place, nor made Him give the gifts of fear you made. Let me be Savior from illusions."

4. OUR GIFT TO GOD - "We have discussed the gifts of God to you. Now we must also speak of those that you can give to Him. For it is these that render His giving, complete, as it is His to you that makes you whole. Giving is joy and holiness and healing. Here is your answer to the world, and God's as well. For here it is you join with Him, His likeness being yours in this alone." (Our underlining. No doubt this is a crucial passage).

5. THE FATHER'S LOVE - "There is a secret place in everyone in which God's gifts are laid, and his to Him. It is not secret to the eyes of Christ Who sees it plainly and unceasingly. Yet it is hidden to the body's eyes , and to those still invested in the world and caring for the petty gifts it gives, esteeming them and thinking they are real. Illusions' gifts will hide the secret place where God is clear as day, and Christ with Him."

This section, and A Course In Miracles as it was intended, is finished with a message from God Himself.

Why deny God's children His gifts, providing the final tools to completion?

Download all Jesus' poems and THE GIFTS OF GOD here.


To get as much essence of the course and also take part of the most loving, sane and mature mind you will even encounter as  Jesus communicates with the scribes, study:

TEXT, Including discussions on sex, homosexuality, witchcraft, magic, possession and important comments on the sacrificial elements of the "holy eucharist"


This is another more inclusive version and contains lots of text omitted in the FIP version, but does not contain THE GIFTS OF GOD.

This is "the Kenneth Wapnick" version, as some call it, heavily edited (as if it were censored!) And sanatized from A LOT of important information as well as Jesus' beautiful personality and wit.

It does not contain THE GIFTS OF GOD
It does not either feature the term "Spiritual Eye" Jesus originally dictated, but istead uses "holy spirit" and "spiritual vision".

The FIP version is still used, all across the world - in all 27 translations, but the text  is dense and makes the Course unnecessarily hard to break in to, and is not at all filled the with the passionate Jesus found in the Urtext.

For true guidance through the 365 lessons, follow Jesus' own instructions and commentaries in A Year of Forgiveness, taken down by Tina Louse Spalding.

in A Year of Forgiveness: "If you find yourself running around the world at high speed every single day, this is your clue that you are afraid of God and you do not value your spiritual evolution. This is your clue you are distracting yourself from some deep fears you hold. You do not want to be still because you fear what you will see. You do not trust what you will see".

Watch here.

These are some of the online reviews on A COURSE IN MIRACLES

The REAL Course In Miracles, unedited

This is the unedited Course in Miracles, as it was originally delivered. It is printed as it was intended for us to read, without the interference of human egos. This is the real deal. Reading this book will heal your mind and heart. Highly recommended!

Utterly excellent piece of work putting this book together in it's current format. Much more convenient than the blue-covered combined version. It's my new favorite version by far!

It's all in there with a minimal amount of editing
done mostly to correct grammatical errors.

The most complete source of original ACIM material.

This book will answer your questions about the Course
If you love A Course in Miracles, you will want to know
what Jesus really said to Dr. Helen Schucman, the scribe. This book has it all, complete with references. You will love it, as I did. All my questions were answered as I read along. It seemed so clear. There were no paragraphs that lacked meaning. All the personal stuff that was edited out in the first edition are there for you to read. This complete edition amazed me as a 30 year student of the Course. I am so glad I bought it. It deepened my understanding.

No need to re-interpret Jesus words with this Urtext
Our study group was reading the FIP version for many years but began urtext 4 years ago, we were all so very grateful for Holy Spirit's guidance to this book.

We re-read the first 2-3 chapters at least 3 times since Jesus said "The next part of this course remains too heavily on the earlier part not to REQUIRE its study ..." (T3A10.) After that, we were all touched very deeply every time we read the text together. Jesus / Holy Spirit / Self is present among us, we are embraced in the loving light that lasted after the study group meeting adjourned.

We re-read varies sections over and over.
We have no need to read 3rd hand or 4th hand's comments (or be a Course dummy) on what they think Jesus messages are.

Every time we, as individual or a group, teading this book, we give thanks to Doug Thompson's efforts to make this book available at this time. We also thank Holy Spirit, Jesus to guide us to live this book.”

The most comprehensive version I have seen
This version of the Course is packed with resources not available in any other edition, particularly including the missing pieces, changed words and
Biblical cross-references. For any serious student of the Course, this edition is a must-have!

Highly recommend them and this book to anyone familiar with the FIP version of ACIM but who wants the closest thing to the original .. including the 40,000 plus words left out by the FIP version.

At last the search is over!
I had heard about and then found Helen Schucman's urtext manuscript of ACIM on the internet. Bound copies were available from America at the time but we're very expensive. In the meantime I continued reading the Foundation of Inner Peace version, which totally did not make sense to me. Why? Because over 48,000 words have been edited out of the original manuscript with missing points that are relevant to today.

Having read the course for nearly ten years now, I agree that in the beginning ACIM is not easy and that's because it is undoing the ego and the way we think in this world. But over time ACIM does become easier and clarity of mind emerges.

The so called "personal parts" of the course that were not meant to be shared, I found to be very insightful as people do have those types of characteristics and behavioral patterns. So I feel that sharing these aspects gives one more understanding.

I thank Doug Thompson for his hard work in bringing the urtext version of ACIM to the general public and highly recommend it.

I have been studying the Course intermittently for about 16 years and I started with the standard blue book (I can not keep up with the names). Then about 14 years later I moved to the one with the pearls on the cover when I learned it had material deleted from the most widely read version. Wow, what a difference. I felt like the personal quality of it gave it so much more life, as if it had been written for me to understand. I recognize the argument (LOL) for the blue version is that the personal material did not fit, but it sure did fit for me. Anyway, I had heard about the Urtext version and I had printed out a downloadable copy. It was fascinating, but it was hard to read with so many loose pages so after studying the pearl version for almost two years I purchased the Doug Thompson Urtext version of A Course in Miracles several and it has been the best thing I've done. I love the way he has left Helen's bolding of words, he has annotated it with scriptures and Psychotherapy, Song of Prayer and Gifts of God are included. These last three writings are SO important! I can not recommend it highly enough. I see why some might opt for the other versions, but for me, this is the most complete Course there is.

Let me just add, I am so appreciative that Doug Thompson has added so many footnoted scriptures.
It truly brings the Course back to Jesus and the Bible and it would take years to do what he has done. I have often called the Course the 3rd Testament and the scripture references remind me why. Get it!

Very Comprehensive
I think for most course students, the FIP version can seem somewhat too abstract at times. The first time I read the UrText, I felt it filled in the gaps and answered some of the questions I held back in my mind. Some of the more abstract passages of the FIP version immediately became very clear when reading them with the edited material. Even if the personal material was completely removed from this edition, there are still many gems in this book that I do not understand were edited out.

This edition is quite comprehensive. Not only does it have all the supplements, but it has Biblical quotations at the bottom of each page when the course quotes or paraphrases Biblical passages. It also has a timeline and section on all the different versions of the course.

I think every serious student should read this edition. While the argument is we read someof the more personal material when reading the UrText, I think Wapnick's book, "Absence of Felicity" is much more invasive when it comes to personal material about Helen and Bill than the UrText. I do not think the argument holds up in this light.

Closer to The TRUTH
THANK YOU for this amazing book, Doug! Kenneth Wapnick once stated that when a book is complete, one should discard all former drafts. Thank goodness that did NOT happen with A Course in Miracles!
After reading The Urtext (the free online version and Mr. Thompson's published work) I discarded every earlier edition of the Course (FIP and CIMS) which I had been studying for over 30 years.

Jesus on
Bread & Wine

The Rhythm and Reason of Reality
-Iambic pentameter in A Course in Miracles. Download below.
Read more 

Love, too, would set a feast before you, on a table covered with a spotless cloth, set in a quiet garden, where no sound but singing and a softly joyful whispering is ever heard. This is a feast which honors your holy relationship, and at which everyone is welcomed as an honored guest. And in a holy instant grace is said by everyone together, as they join in gentleness before the table of communion. And I will join you there, as long ago I promised, and promise still. For in your new relationship am I made welcome, and where I am made welcome, there I AM.

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