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from Greek pharmakeia; a healing or harmful medicine, a healing or poisonous herb; a drug, poisonous potion; magic (potion)

Regardless of what symptoms someone experiences, the same symptoms can be caused by many different pathogens - that which causes an imbalance in the closed eco-systems that our bodies are. In modern life in the industrialized world, we are exposed to many toxins and foreign, unnatural substances, so deriving the cause behind bodily symptoms can be difficult, if not impossible at times. The processed food we consume often contains substances that are not "food", but substances that the body perceives as poison. These include texture givers, preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. In other things we use for the body, such as hair care products and make-up and sunscreen, there are also many toxic substances that do not belong in the body or on the skin. Fluoride which most toothpastes are "enriched" with  (and the fluoride rinse for school children) is a neurotoxin that accumulates in the brain, specifically in the pineal gland which is a center for many of the bod's most important functions.

All these unnatural substances are perceived by the body as just poison (pathogens) which collect in various organs and are encapsulated or trigger the body to start a cleansing process, which has come to be called "disease". In the same way, what is called influenza is a natural cleansing then the body goes into low-energy mode and focuses on eliminating toxins, which often happens through the lungs and digestive system.There are many herbs and other things in nature that strengthen the body's work with the purification process. Unfortunately, these remedies are often demonized and labeled as "unsafe" or downright "dangerous", while school medicine pharmaceutics, which at best mask the initial symptoms, almost always carries with it serious side effects is classified as "safe and effective" (despite the fact that the adverse drug reaction databases include every imaginable side effect such as infertility, disability and death).




"If they could kill us all, they would gladly do so. In fact, many of them murder Christians, especially those posing as surgeons and doctors. They know how to deal with medicines in the same way as the Italians – the Borgias and the Medicis – who gave people poison that led to their death in an hour or a month."

from The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther

Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, has been active with Pfizer since 1993.


Whether Fauci is a crypto-Jew or not, he is a tool in the depopulation agenda.

"The Jews Had Organized a Conspiracy of Leprosy to Poison the Fountains" – From The History of the Jews in France

BIG PHARMA - BUSINESS IDEA: Poison people and make them imagine they have diseases and then sell medicine that makes them even worse, all the while encouraging people to get tested and thereby poisoning them ("Contagion") by introducing more pathogens. The "expert" on infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, explains how epidemiology works: "you take an infectious agent and introduce it to a population" and that's how it works.

Already in the Middle Ages, 1/3 of Europe's population died from well water poisoning. It was called the 'plague' or the 'Black Death'. During the "Spanish flu" 50 million died after the vaccination and nowadays the death toll after the Covid-19 injections is already even higher than that. The effect of vaccines is the same as after poisoning; either acute or long term with symptoms appearing immediately or after several years.

That diseases are inherited is one of the myths that is heavily exploited. However, lifestyle, environment, outlook on life and thought system influence.; the tobacco smoker who is afraid of getting cancer is more likely to be affected by the toxins in tobacco than the person who does not think smoking is dangerous. Our thoughts create reality as we perceive it.

The truth;It's not cancer
that kills, it's the chemotherapy.


There is often talk about the "Cancer riddle" and despite decades and trillions in research grants, pink ribbon campaigns, galas and fundraising, "no one has managed to find the answer". The answer is simple. Cancer, like most other "diseases", is caused by pathogens; all the different toxins we are exposed to. Cancerous tumors are the body's own way of encapsulating and then eliminating poison that has accumulated*. Many of us have experienced that the doctor's visit did not provide an answer to symptoms, diffuse or not. Many have also been questioned and treated a bit like hypochondriacs both when it comes to "ordinary" diseases (poisoning symptoms) or Covid-19 vaccine side effects (poisoning/introducing elements that do not belong in the body).The deliberate poisoning of humanity has been going on since industrialization separated us from a life in harmony with nature. A silent war has been going on against humanity with attacks from all sides. It has been established from several sources that regarding the orchestrated Covid-19 pandemic, both PCR tests, face masks and the vaccine itself contain toxic Graphene Oxide. Coincidentally, at the beginning of the (staged) pandemic, the WHO published a paper of over 400 pages about nano-materials, including graphene oxide, and its negative impact on the immune system.



There are biological laboratories even with the task of researching pathogens/poisons to slowly (or rapidly) poison us with, so that when we get "sick" blame viruses, bacteria or our genes and that if we just give a little more money to research, they will soon find the solution to all problems. When people finally wake up to the truth that Covid-19 is not a virus, that no one dies from covid-19, but from manufactured toxins, that cancer and HIV are researched and not fatal diseases, but that the patients die from the extremely toxic (and expensive) medications, that lifelong depression and sleep problems are caused by toothpaste and that much we use in our everyday life is toxic, even though the authorities assure us that the levels of poison are so low that it is nothing to worry about.
An example: Teflon cookware emits so much toxic fumes at high temperatures that the company itself advise against using them if you have caged birds in the home; the birds die.
Here we read that the toxic gases from Teflon are harmless to humans, but, if exposed, one might experience "flu-like symptoms", which in itself is a sign of poisoning or that the body has gone into cleansing mode.

Fästpunkt 1

Disconnection from the natural and the Divine. In contact with nature, there is no need for promiscuous sexual exploration, that play is held between spouses.

Synthetic fragrances make natural partner selection impossible; we bond with our partner via sublime scent signals - pheromones.

Vaccines and synthetic medicines cause imbalance in the body. Our bodies are closed ecosystems with self-healing properties - if left alone. Childhood diseases such as measles and rubella are there to build up the immune system in children. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a side effect of vaccines.



Tampons, condoms, IUDs, menstrual cups, massage sticks/dildos, vaginal speculum, etc. NOTHING, except the man's penis, belongs in the vagina. The natural flow of ENERGY is disrupted, which complicates female sexuality and makes childbirth more difficult. For millennia, women have given birth without any problems. Pregnancy is not a medical condition to be left to "more knowledgeable" in the field; No one knows your body better than you. Great efforts have been made by the power elite to divide the nuclear family, alienate generations from each other and erase family ties, old knowledge and wisdom.

Using contraception or having an abortion is clearly not God's will. Sex is for making babies.


LGBTQ is a social construct. Heterosexual twosomeness is natural. There are only two genders. For reproduction, one male and one female are required.

It is possible to normalize the abnormal, but it is never possible to make the unnatural natural.




Foreign, unnatural  and toxic substances can only upset the balance of nature and our bodies. None of these remedies belong around children, animals or adults. Many substances such as phthalates and parabens are endocrine disruptors and can cause, in addition to cancer and other poisoning symptoms, infertility and even "gender dysphoria".

Synthetic hormone preparations and contraceptives cause a great imbalance and often give rise to breast cancer, endometriosis, depression, etc.



Nowadays, many children and young people question their gender identity. What has given rise to the avalanche-like increase in sex-changes has no completely obvious explanation. What is clear, however, is that confusion about gender, and sexual orientation and splitting of the nuclear family has long been a step in globalization and is included as a strategy in both the UN Agenda 2030 and World Economic Forum similar template, The Great Reset, under the slogan: inclusion.




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