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NASA is NOT a space agency. It's a propaganda organization made to deceive and control our minds, while laughing at us. Often with a ball or illuminati symbols they confuse our senses with contradictory narratives and footage.
Image: Sun sets from the ISS - supposedly 450 km up in the sky. Look closer and you will see a tiny sun BELOW the horizon (photographed with a fish eye lens faking a curve) hence the sun is not far away from earth; it is small and close.


- NASA - Not A Space Agency
† AUGUST 28 2021

NASA, along with Jaxa, Roscosmos and all other space agencies, are working with the powers that be or the "global elite" to hide the true shape of the Earth. NASA not only has occult roots, but is also actively part of the crimes-against-humanity conspiracy that spreads other lies such as the climate hoax, the pandemic hoax AND is involved with the Vatican, Disney and the CIA in the MK-Ultra mind control program.

"A Nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas. In space."  How could there be clouds of spread out dust and gas in the vacuum of space?

"The cupola is the only place on the space station where you can see the entire globe"
  -2.40 into the video

"In low earth orbit you don't see a globe"
- 1.10 into the video

Does anyone believe that this is the real moon? Isn't the moon supposed to reflect light when it is sunlit?

Goddard, JPL and every other of NASA's branches are built on the biggest lie in history. These people are not scientists, they are actors mocking us in plain sight.

Who is upside down, him or the people
"down under"?

"No need reinventing the wheel". The sextant is a flat earth instrument used by sailors since ancient times before the GPS overtake.

Splashing water surrounded by all those important electric space ship wires?


The Chinese space station which is reportedly at a similar height to the ISS. Here we can clearly see that the earth's surface is not curved and that it would be totally impossible to see the entire globe from the Cupola window on the ISS (SEE film above)
- the earth is flat and filmed from a height of between 18 and 50 km, e.g. from a weather balloon with the clowns inserted with film technology..

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