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Ken Wapnick Teaching a self study course.

Benedict Groeschel with Roman Catholicchild trafficker,Nobel Prize Winner and "saint Mother Theresa" whom by the way Mr. Wapnick met on several occasions and also appears in his Catholic influenced "detailed answer"1387 questions Q&A.

The biggest misconception of all around A Course In Miracles teachers:

To think that a teacher of God is someone who teaches what A Course In Miracles means, instead of practicing and learning the lessons within a whole relationship between two people.

This is where Kenneth Wapnick and other famous ACIM gurus, writing books, giving talks, comparing A Course In Miracles to different philosophies and building their careers and enterprises around being a teacher of the course, have gone very wrong.

As Jesus says in the course:

"The ego will demand many answers this course does not give.
It does not recognize as questions the mere form of a question to which an answer is impossible. The ego may ask, ʺHow did the impossible occur?ʺ, ʺTo what did the impossible happen?ʺ, and may ask in many forms. Yet there is no answer; only an experience.
Seek only this, and do not let theology delay you.";

Yet, Ken Wapnick wrote over 30 books, mostly dealing with ACIM and also together with his Catholic "friends, scholars and theologicans" edited and supervised a1285 pages Q&A (about the same number of pages as the FIP version of ACIM) dealing a LOT with Catholicism, even stating that there would be no problem practicing Catholicism and ACIM (as well as promoting his own books).

Kenneth Wapnick, although he rarely mentioned it, was himselfaccording to his friend Benedict Groeschel "a devout Catholic", baptized in 1972 being spiritually influenced by Trappist monk Thomas Merton (who in the Catholic philosophical tradition, also he, wrote over 50 books in which he promotes the Jesuits "Spiritual Exercises". Quotes from his lecture book“A Course In Christian Mysticism: "Martyrdom is a Second Baptism", "Martyrdom is the Crown of the Eucharistic Life", "Martyrdom is a Gift of God".

The Wapnick Teachings

Jesus says:
”This is not a course in theoretical philosophy, nor is it concerned with precise terminology in connection with origins. It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. ”

”All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. ”

Urtext Volume IV Use of Terms


Now, most reading what Jesus says about the ego thought system venerating sacrifice, relics, death, idols and martyrdom in A Course In Miracles, should know that it is the Catholic Church Jesus is talking about (sometimes in a more poetic language).



Benedict Groeschel with "Americas pope"  - eucharist fanatic Cardinal Dolan

Ken Wapnick was tipped off about A Course in Miracles during the editing and publishing phase by Fr Groeschel. He read it and suggested further editing. He then took on the role of editor and "First Teacher of the Course". He supervised the translation into 27 languages, wrote over 30 books and built a learning center around the Course. In addition, he sued and sent out threatening letters to churches, study groups and people who quoted Jesus' teachings in reference to copyright.

Gary R Renard (see below) claims in his books that Wapnick achieved enlightenment despite dying of cancer. Sickness, according to  Jesus, is a sign of a guilty mind and identification with the body and not the spirit.


"Be kind"

In his Copyrighted book Absence from Felicity Ken included earlier unpublished texts taken down by Helen from Jesus although the United States Copyright Office ordered that words from a Divine Being such as Jesus cannot be copyrighted.

After Kenneth Wapnick entered the inner circle of editing and publishing A Course In Miracles, the Jesus-appointed editor, Bill Thetford, resigned. Thetford thought, according to Wapnick himself, that the text should be intact and changed as little as possible.

Editing, after Thetford left, was done by Helen Schucman (the medium and recorder of the Course) and Kenneth Wapnick and when the course was published in
FIP's version a whopping 60,000 words had been removed from the original manuscript.

Many important passages were deleted, even ones Jesus had specifically asked Helen and Bill to keep. Jesus says in the Urtext version:

"I want to finish the instructions regarding sex, because this is an area the miracle worker MUST understand."These instructions are completely missing in FIP's version.

Kenneth Wapnick/FIP's "Questions & Answers" lacks some answers that DO exist in the original manuscripts. (Which he should have known as he kept them all in a safe in his closet after Helen's passing).

A completely false claim is that God doesn't know we're here, which, if true, would be very frightening. In the original manuscript Jesus says:

"You shall live so that God is free to arrange temporary human constellations as He sees fit," which clearly indicates that God is very well aware that we are here and what we are doing here.

In "Questions & Answers" there is incorrect information regarding several areas that are central to the Course. It is claimed, for example, that our words and actions do not matter,   something Jesus would not agree with, as He calls us to


- LISTEN to my voice, LEARN to regret the mistakes and DOsomething to correct them ... The real members of my party are ACTIVE workers.

In "Questions & Answers" it is also claimed that: God does not speak to us in words and nor hear our prayers.

Jesus about our prayers to God: "...They become your gifts to Him, because they tell Him that you do not want any gods before Him; no other Love but His".
From A Course in Miracles Prayer Song

(FIP's version here also changed gods-both biblical and Jesus' original dictation- to Gods).

One of the most misleading claims Wapnick makes in the conversation with Jesuit Norris Clarke is that The goal of the course is "the experience of peace in the dream".
According to the Course, the goal is God and the end of the whole dream.

Doug Thompson, the editor of the most complete version of the Course, said
"This is serious". When someone interferes with God's Plan of salvation and our fastest way out of this dream of illusions - it is very serious.


Ken Wapnick & Gary R Renard

Gary R Renard,The best-selling author of A Course in Miracles also claims that God does not know that we humans are here on earth. According to him, his spiritual guides must be ascended disciples of Jesus who spoke about  man will soon walk on the planet Mars and that "the climate crisis" and The Corona virus are real.
Ken Wapnick was the first to read Gary's first book and he is the only author or teacher other than himself that he promotes. Gary in turn is a promoter of Ken Wapnick's  teachings in his books and his spiritual guides are said to have said that "Kenneth will be the Teacher of the Course for thousands of years...".
Mr. Renard's style resembles stand-up comedy spiced with sex jokes and his longing to move to Hawaii.


An excerpt from Ken Wapnicks book Abcense from Felicity full of damage control (after all the controversies surrounding the handling of ACIM) and examples of some of the ego traits Jesus adresses in A Course In Miracles;


“With Thanks” was a poem of gratitude Helen had written for me, while “The Gift” came at Christmas, when I again managed to convince her not to buy me a gift, but to write me a poem instead. And finally there was "Continuity." I forget the exact circumstances, but I think it came as a result of discussions Helen and I had about A Course in Miracles' life in the world, what Bill on occasion referred to as "Miracles Mischagass." Although in print less than a year, it was already clear, as I discussed earlier, how people were seizing the Course for themselves, using it as a means for self-aggrandizement, both psychologically as well as financially. Many students, in fact, began to set themselves up as teachers, passing themselves off as representatives of the Course's holiness and wisdom, without any real understanding of what the Course was saying. None of this pleased Helen, although as I mentioned before, she was not in a position to do anything about it. I recall being asked by Jesus to quote to Helen from the biblical "Acts of the Apostles." The scene is where a number of the Jews are complaining to Rabbi Gamaliel about the miraculous and preaching activities of Peter and the other disciples. Gamaliel, the renowned rabbi who was St. Paul's teacher, wisely answered their concerns in this way:

Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it. (Acts 5: 38-39).

The point was to reassure Helen that what was happening with the Course was "the work ... of men," not "of God," and so Helen need not be concerned about it. The fulfillment of the Course's role in the world was guaranteed by Jesus.

The Wapnick Teachings

The special relationship* between Ken Wapnick and Helen Schucman had to replace the sacred relationship instituted by Jesus between Helen and Bill Thetford. Bill wrote in his biography: “there was a lot of spiritual grandiosity going on between the two of them."

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the courseare GOD'S GIFTS* which, according to Kenneth Wapnick, Helen recorded from Jesus intended to be included in the Course. It is not included in any other version yet
A COURSE IN MIRACREAD URTEXT MANUSCRIPTS COMPLETE SEVEN VOLUME COMBINED EDITION. Parts are included in Kenneth Wapnick's own book Absence from Felicity.

*A term used in the Course
**THE GIFTS OF GODis included in A COURSE IN MIRACLES Urtext Seven Volume Combined Edition edited by Doug Thompson.

The Wapnick Teachings


Kenneth Wapnick recalls (with his own interpretation as to why) how Jesus asked him to read Acts 5:38-39 aloud to Helen:

And now I say to you: Leave these men alone and let them go, for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing.  But if it is of God, can you do not put it down, unless you want to be found fighting even against God.



For the original essence of the Course and also partake of the most loving, healthy and mature mind you will ever come across, when Jesus communicates with the recorders, choose:


TEXT, Including discussions of sex, homosexuality, sorcery, magic, possession, and important comments on the sacrificial elements of the "Holy Eucharist"
PSYCHOTHERAPY - The ideal therapist is one with Christ.

Download here

Skärmavbild 2022-06-29 kl. 16.49_edited.

This is another more inclusive version and contains much text omitted in the FIP version, but includes inte GIFTS OF GOD.


This is the FIP version or the "Kenneth Wapnick version" as some call it, heavily edited and sanitized of VERY important information as well as Jesus' beautiful personality and wit.

It does not contain GOD'S GIFTS
It also does not include the term "Spiritual Eye" as Jesus originally dictated, but instead uses "Holy Spirit" and "Spiritual Vision".

The FIP version is still used, all over the world - in all 27 translations.  Because the text is so compressed and lacks certain examples, explanations and context, it is unnecessarily difficult to get through this dry edition which also missing the passionate Jesus from the Urtext.

For true guidance through the 365 lessons, follow Jesus' own instructions and comments.
Experience Jesus channeled through Tina Louise Spalding

Poetry of Jesus, recorded by Helen Schucman.

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