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The Jesuit Order was founded 1540 by Ignatius Loyola. The goal was to destroy Christianity via the Counter-Reformation and the Inquisition. The project failed due to the abolition of the Inquisition in the early 1800s by Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1776, Jesuit Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati (Illuminated in Latin) was a reinterpretation of Ignatius Loyola's Allumbrados (Illuminated in Spanish). Allumbrados formed the inner sanctuary of Loyola's Jesuits about three centuries before Weishaupt. The goal of the Jesuit Illuminati was to destroy Christianity through communism, humanism, and ecumenism.

Vatican scholar Thomas Richards



Jesuit Bergoglio shows the sign of Freemasonry.

The Jesuits and the Jews have the same goal: to destroy Christianity and establish a new world order. The Jesuits, like the Jews, were expelled wherever they went, and, like the Jews, they kept coming back under different names and in different garb. The catchwords are social justice, equality and democracy, which is actually communism in disguise. The current pope is a communist, a Jesuit, a Freemason and probably also a crypto-Jew.

Fästpunkt 1

The "Black Pope", Arturo Sosa, says that 'God' is a tricky term for "which God are we talking about". According to the Bible, there is only one God. He also says that Covid-19 was no coincidence. He is obviously not walking with Jesus, but with the founder of the Jesuit order, Ignatius Loyola.


The inventor of the theory of the Big Bang - the Jesuit George Lemaître

Jesuits spread the globe LIE

Space Indoctrination and World Communism

ihs videos

Among the early Jesuits were scientists with knowledge of mathematics and astronomy who knew that the Earth is an immovable plane over which the Sun and Moon orbit. It is ancient knowledge that is represented in the Bible, as well as all ancient cultures. The globe and globalism is an attack on God.

Fästpunkt 2

In this clip, the Jesuit and Vatican astronomer, Guy J. Consolmagno, very cleverly dismisses the heliocentric model, the theories of gravity, and the Big Bang while giving credence to the Bible and Genesis, which contradict the modern scientific consensus (Jesuit); "Newton's equation of gravity is a POEM."

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