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Why did Bob Geldof's description of the school shooting in I don't like Mondays become such a huge hit worldwide? Was it a coincidence or were there forces with an agenda behind it?

Are imprisoned "criminals" really in prison or are they interviewed, filmed and photographed in a prison-like environment, and then live in an unknown location?


What is hidden in the North Pole and why are today's politicians actors?

If Jeffrey Epstein did not take his own life without the photos of his allegedly lifeless body, which actually show another man with similar features, where is Jeffrey Epstein? Is locatedGhislane Maxwellthen in prison or is she actually with Jeffrey Epstein in an unknown location? Where?

Many know by this law - only in Brazil in 2020 already knew 11 million and in the USA almost 2/3 of the millenie generation know that the earth is not a globe - that the earth is flat, that Antarctica is not a continent on the underside of the globe, without a wall of ice surrounding the world's oceans.
Is it that there is a way to get beyond the wall to other landmasses, to another world? Or is it perhaps that there is another country here on earth? Maybe at the North Pole? Is this where the elite hide when they want to live in privacy? Do they literally go underground? Do they live underground?
Those who have followed developments in recent years are well aware that there is a system of underground passageways with high-speed trains between hubs in the world. What places do they go between? Anyone going to Ukraine?


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