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The Swedish music and entertainment industry is no different from the American one. Watch the documentary OUT OF SHADOWS about Hollywood, pop music and the power elite. 2012 Errovision winner Loreen is seen with Marina Abramovic, known for her associations with, among others "John of God", (Brazilian "healer" who claimed to channel Ignatius Loyola - the founder of the Jesuit Order), The Rothschilds and The Swedish Nobel Foundation.



Margot Wallström


Margot Wallström's involvement:

In expert panel at UNIDIR
Propagates for Swedish NATO membership
Globalist propaganda institute
Board member IFES sponsored by George Soros, Google, Meta and Microsoft

The Globalist Network #GWL voices
Honorary Doctor of Freemasonry Chalmers.
Council of Women World Leaders which has the World Economic Forum and the United Nations as partners

Several of the womens networks have had Madeleine Albright as a member.

Madeleine Albright described in Cathy O'Brian's book TranceFormation as one of the key people in the introduction of the New World Order and involved in drug trafficking, child trafficking and the MK Ultra mind control program. Both Albright and Wallström has ties to Jesuit Georgetown University of the, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Pizzagate censored, denied and silenceddown by the establishment. At the beginning of the fabricated pandemic when the libraries were closed, the Swedish Royal Library offered free access to the newspaper archives online, but as people who worked at home got time and the opportunity to do their own research, the material suddenly became copyright protected.

Tell me who you hang out with and I'l tell you who you are..
JW von Goethe


Through her global feminist foreign policy, Margot Wallström has encouraged rand productive healthor family planning and abortion, something Hillary Clinton values.

The postcode lottery - where Margot Wallström sat on the board in 2013 and was project director responsible for SEK 60 million to be distributed - donated SEK 64 million  to the Clinton Foundation in 2013-2017. Although the ZIP Code Lottery has scrubbed the website of donations to the Clintons, they still remain Bill Clinton as ambassador, among many other globalist and climate zealots. Clinton Foundation Fundraising Foundation was set up in Sweden to be able to receive donations from, among other things, the Postal Code Lottery.


More Clintons in Cathy O'Brian's book TranceFormation of America.

Carl Bildt

Since 2021, Carl Bildt is the World Health Organization's special envoy for access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator.
co-chairman i
Council on Foreign Relations in Europe and with the Trilateral Commission there the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein been involved). One of the most frequented at the Bilderberg meetings - together with Wallenberg's and member of the ultra-secret society the Committee of 300 with members like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles - now king, George W Bush, Warren Buffet, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Pope Benedict XVI and former Black Pope, the Jesuit Nicolás Adolfo.


Fästpunkt 1
Jeffrey Epstein_edited.jpg

Jeffrey Epstein - notorious pedophile who on his island in the Caribbean and Lolita Express provided image documentation of prominent people's compromising sexual activities for the purpose of extortion. With colleague Ghislane Maxwell.

Prince Andrew (who, like King Carl XIV Gustaf, is an Order of the Garter knight) frequented Epstein's Island.

Epstein - who allegedly took his own life with Ghislane Maxwell who is allegedly serving a 20-year prison sentence for sex-trafficking minors.

Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell receive a personal blessing from Pope John Paul II.

Swedish fashion model Eva Andersson Dubin, who had an 11-year relationship with Epstein.

Epstein & Bill Clinton_edited.jpg

Epstein and Bill Clinton.

Ghislane Maxwell with Eva Dubin.

Eva Andersson Dubin & Silvia_edited.jpg

Eva Dubin with Swedish Queen Silvia.

Stockholm School of Economics
mascot olympic god Hermes. Equivalents:
Roman - Mercury
Norse - Odin
Egyptian - Thoth/Anubis


Barbro Ehnbom: Founder of the Female Economist of the Year award at the Wallenberg-founded School of Economics, mentor to Princess Sofia and founder of Swedish American Life Science Summit.

Barbro with Princess Sofia

Over the years, SALSS has been sponsored by Wallenberg's Investor and their major holdings Nasdaq, Astra Zenaca and Pfizer.

Barbro Ehnbom with Pfizer's head of research Michael Dohlsten.

Participating in SALSS 2021 as a dissertation Covid-19 and gene therapy was Sweden's now former state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell and Mathias Uhlén, professor of microbiology at KTH biotech entrepreneur and founder of Wallenberg-sponsored HUMAN PROTEIN ATLAS.

Marcus Wallenberg & Klaus Schwab,WEF

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