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Occult means hidden. Why this secrecy? What are they hiding?


- Knowledge of man's inner power potential - kundalini


- Truths about geology, ancient cosmology and the use of and astrology and numerology (gematria).


- The universe's laws of creation and manifestation.


The most important mechanism for control is the utilization of the human collective creative consciousness and get the large masses to focus on the desired result which is then manifested in the world.


Are they "enlightened"?


No, they use sacrificial rituals, dark witchcraft and black magic.


Do they believe in God?


They know our God and Creator well but worship other entities such as Greek / Roman gods, Satan / Baphomet, sun gods like Ra, Nimrod and others.


Why do Freemasons and other secret societies use the Bible in their rituals?


They need something to subvert and turn upside down. That Freemasonry "rests on Christian grounds" is not the same as Freemasonry following Jesus.

They have their own interpretation of the Bible and just like the Roman Catholic Church, they mock Jesus, but use His Name in their rituals.


And if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it .

Jn 14:14 ) .

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