Cartoons don't make teories true

Man does not come from the apes, dinosaurs and prehistoric animals never existed; all animals and humans are their own species and not something in between on the way to developing into something else.  "Modern science" and (un)scientific consensus have been established at institutions such as The Solvey Conferences.

Albert Einstein,Auguste Picard  -described the earth as flat before he was drawn into the globe hoax, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck (theoretical physicist), Niels Bohr, Marie Curie the Swede Svante Arrhenius. Other Swedes with great influence in "modern science" - and the lie about the globe - are Carl von Linné and            Anders Celsius , both strongly associated with Jesuit Uppsala..


My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?- Jesus, who was in direct contact with God and knew better than anyone that God does not abandon, could reasonably not have uttered these words. This is just one example of "false information" that has crept into the Bible and thus the entire church system. Some of what was recorded was misconceptions and distortions. Others have been deliberately excluded, changed or given a different meaning than the original one.

Jesus is with us still and has iin
this book in a simple and straightforward way told his version of what really happened, from beginning to end. A Course In Miracles (The original text!) it also contains many corrections and Jesus' own explanations of the misconceptions surrounding His message, the main one of which is that He died for our sins. Jesus was murdered by the Roman Empire, the same empire -Roman Catholic Church/The Jesuits - who today have infiltrated the whole world with theirsanti-Christian doctrinesand ecumenical/syncretic world religion.

Love and forgiveness are the way to Salvation, not church rituals; Latin masses (used in most churches), Eucharist (sacrificial rite within the Catholic Church), confession of sin and worship of icon images, old
skulls and bone knots.The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are not with any pope or priest, but in our hands by using our God-given free will to choose love instead of fear, the Holy Spirit instead of ego, and Heaven instead of hell.

Jesus did this fully and wants to show that we can do it too.
A Course in Miracles is the map we need to find our way back home.


Gravity is a theory. Density, buoyancy and weight are the measurable and testable factors that decide. When an object falls to the ground, it is because the object is heavier than the air surrounding it, not because it is being sucked downward by some mysterious force.


What the medical establishment claims to be viruses, are manifestations of our own bodies that happen when there's an insult. They are a reaction to toxins, a defense mechanism. They are not the cause of illness but the solution, created inside and by the body to solve a specific problem and they';re not transmissible. Read more here.



Dinosaurs have not walked this earth, no matter how many animated blockbusters are made. However, animals such as unicorns and dragons and even creatures such as mermaids, which are depicted in art and literature, very likely existed.
There is much evidence that they were deliberately exterminated because of its abilities and the coveted horns.

Plate 2!_edited_edited.jpg

The Swedish botanist Carl von Linné wrote: Unicorns of the older generation have the body of a horse, the feet of a beast and a long, straight spiral horn. The narwhal has a similar horn, but the rest of the body is completely different.

In the original translations of the Bible, unicorns appear throughout
six places.
Many claim that this was a mistake and that the animal was either a wild ox - which cannot be true, then the wild ox is also included in the Bible - or the narwhal, which does not either seem to be true because Linnaeus in the text above mentions both the unicorn and the narwhal as separate species.
Queen Christina bestowed the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher a horn from a unicorn and "The Danish Throne" is made of unicorn horn.

From the famous Cosmas Plates

In plain sight.

Inspired by true stories

The TinTin books which are filled with occult symbolism and true history are written by Freemason Hergé.
The professor in the series is based on
Auguste Picard.

There are in India certain wild asses which are as large as horses and larger. They have a horn on their forehead that is about eighteen inches long.
The Greek physician Ctesias, in 416 BC.

Pliny the Elder describes 100 AD. An incredible wild animal called Monoceros (one-horned) with
a deep roaring sound and a black horn two cubits long shoots out from the center of the forehead. This animal, they say, cannot be taken alive.

Aristotle often mentioned the unicorn: I have found that wild asses as large as horses exist in India. It has a horn on its forehead, about a cubit and a half long.

Julius Caesar said that unicorns could be found in the Hercynian Forest.


Over large parts of the world, the unicorn is represented in art, heraldry, on flags, as well as in noble family names, among others, in Sweden and Germany, and the coat of arms of Great Britain has a unicorn. and the unicorn even has its own constellation.

Pontus Unicorn

Italian papal and noble families Farnese, which together with, among other things, Spanish-Italian Borghia and Italian Medici from that (Black Noblesse), was behind the formation of the Jesuits.


One of the Farnese family
family crest


Giuglia Farnese's portrait of
Sanzio Raffaello; Lady with Unicorn


 Farnese pentagon In Italy

The Pentagon in Rome's vassal state, the United States.