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TERROR - attack planned in advance and carried out by Governments in collaboration with the GLOBALIST ELITE using hired actors and fake victims, to spread fear and scare people into obedience. The "terrorists" are often part of the plot (or exercise), in some way controlled or simply made up.

Some of the attacks are carried out in real life and have required many blood sacrifices, such as 9/11 and the Estonia disaster. That these events are planned in advance is documented in many real expert investigations - which of course have been blacked out - and also indirectly confirmed through revealing statements by those in power.


Almost all terrorist attacks have been preceded by terroristexercises  the day before or even the same day. The intimidation is pumped out through the news and social media, so that the people will choose sides against the "terrorists". The staged attacks are later promoted with a slogan to get the people involved in spreading the story.

George W Bush stumbles on his words when he hears himself say that the buildings were prepared with explosives, he who previously assured people that there were no explosions during the so-called 9/11 attack. Here he accuses terrorists of having planted explosives in a way that prevented people higher up in the buildings from getting out alive.

Carl Bildt already knows hours after the Estonia shipwreck that he knows people on board. When asked if there were relatives of his, he first answers plainly 'no', but then changes his mind and says he doesn't know because he has no passenger list.



Two men in mourning or henchmen of the agenda of a new fascist world order?

John McCain says someone told him that the exercise in Paris cost ($10,000).

Journalist Ole Dammegård: "A doctor with 30 years of experience has told me personally that the torn bodies on Drottninggatan were NOT authentic. There would have been a huge amount of blood at the scene.”


(Headline from the Swedish morning newspaper GöteborgsPosten)

33 is a number that recurs often in many different contexts  perhaps as a small greeting from the Freemasons, which rules and sets up around the world. How can we know what really happened when all the media and news reporting is controlled by the same forces? The fire at Backaplan occurred on the night between Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October 1998 and 63 people died and 214 were injured. In this context, it can be mentioned that the weekend 28-31 October is one of illuminati's biggest sacrificial feasts.


The Dane Mads who wanted to explore space - "build a rocket and film the globe". It would have been unthinkable to let it happen, so he had to be stopped by being convicted of the murder of Kim Wall, portrayed in the media worldwide as the most bestial in modern times

More here.


The Bilderbergers Olof Palme and Anna Lind are both said to have been murdered by "lone madmen". Madeleine Albright was both a colleague, a friend and a role model for Anna Lindh

The first (fake) school shooting in 1979. The camera crews are already in place to film running policemen and the children being evacuated. Laughing police at the end. This psy-op was sold - before social media - through Bob Geldof and his song Tell me why I don't like Mondays.


"Boris Johnson said an attack on a kindergarten in Ukraine was a false flag operation by NATO to fabricate a reason to invade" (Russia).

The war in Ukraine is staged and NATO has no interest in peace, but fires on with false flag operations while projecting and blaming Russia for what they themselves are doing.


Both Zelensky and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau are actors and part of the satanic global elite.

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