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The establishment lies right in our face but "The devil is always in the details"; Was TT already in place with the camera team?

Erik Åsard is one of countless Swedish "experts" with a clear politically correct and globalist agenda educated in Uppsala, Linköping or Lund, some of Swedish universities with an agenda.

Modern science or popular science is the marketing of theories without substance for cretaceous and plethora so engrossed in the dazzling works and so indoctrinated by popular culture, that they can no longer distinguish truth from illusion.

Real science exists, but is rather hidden. The literature is difficult to penetrate, sometimes in Latin and is only preserved in hard-to-reach places.

Jesuits have been censored  of scientific works from Pliny to "their own" very eminent scientists, astronomers and cartographers such as Athanasius Kircher and Heinrich Scherer. Original manuscripts are often said to have "disappeared" or been lost in fires, but are sometimes found in Vatican secret archives or Jesuit institutions such as Stanford , Georgetown and Yale .

However, there are long seminars to take part in on youtube for those who can listen, where truths are dropped for a delighted audience "in the know".

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