We humans are created to live in harmony with nature. As we did before the industrial revolution and the big cities grew up.
That we are created in God's image, of course, does not mean that God is human, but that we are created out of love and for love.

Living in full love on earth is simply living in harmony with nature and following the golden rule of treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated yourself with all that means.

In today's modern society, we have become so alienated from our natural being that many of us do not know who they are, where they are going or how to live a natural and good life.

We have been taught that we must have an education in order to survive or have a good life. This couldn't be further from the truth, as schools, universities and academia are top-run and much of the curriculum is built on lies and propaganda designed to make us obedient wage-slaves paying taxes for life, both men and women - that's why the power elite staged women's lib / "women's liberation"

To survive here on earth, life skills are required:

- Cultivation and storage of food
- Animal husbandry
- Build
- Crafts
- Knowledge of herbs and plants
- Strong family ties
- Contact with the Source of Creation

And for inner peace: common sense to shun all external attempts to create chaos in our minds.
To avoid: distraction and pastime; video games, watching TV, porn, etc.

Pornography, like sex without love and sex with contraception, is devastating to our well-being and our
frequency . Our souls are also not adapted to plan, stress and hustle through existence in search of perfection; perfect body, perfect partner, bigger - faster - better, or a life of luxury and glamor without real contact with our inherent need for contact with the earth.

We , who are children of God (far from all here on earth are..), are created in love, by love, for love, to  know ourselves, learn, grow and mature and then return home. This is what is the "meaning of life".  One of the greatest deceptions in Western culture is the emphasis on the material and the physical. We are not our bodies, but the spirit that inhabits it, gives life to the body. Death does not exist. We leave our bodies and end up in other areas/dimensions/worlds and realms, depending on the overall frequency we had in this life or incarnation.

When our souls first come here as pure beings, full of life and desire, we are very soon informed that we are vulnerable and may die if we are not careful, that the earth is about to perish, that everything may come to an end, and that Jesus, The Son of God, who was love personified, was crucified for us. Is this how you are rewarded by your loving Father?! This is etched into our consciousness until many are so afraid of dying that they dare not live a full life. The ensuing self-deception of self-medication takes many forms and types of abuse.


What most people have not been taught is that Jesus did not come here to die for our sins. He came here to teach us love and forgiveness and show us that we have eternal life. When Jesus left earth life, He was so well equipped and so advanced in his ability to forgive, that He was already halfway to Heaven and felt neither pain nor suffering. He had mastered the physical and left his whole being in God's Hands. This is the fruit of dedicating one's life to God; to leave the world and allow oneself to be fulfilled by the Holy Spirit, who shows us home to our Father.

Jesus invites us to study A Course In Miracles, which He brought to us in the 1970s. The course is something everyone needs to go through, only the time to complete it is voluntary. We are now undergoing a frequency increase of an unprecedented kind that the power elite is doing EVERYTHING to curb; they have in recent decades intensified their efforts to LOWER our frequency and prevent what is to come; The return of Christ. Yes, we live in the so-called Last Times, completely according to the Bible. What matters now is to create your own life, take care of your family, move away from the big city, refrain from ALL types of vaccines, stop using toothpaste with fluoride, sunscreens and sunglasses to be able to take in as much light (truth/love) as possible, so we can return home to our Father.


The pineal gland or Third Eye and the crown chakra (Corona) are targets of the world/Satan/Lucifer, as they are our connection to our Creator and the spirit world. People in general and Christians in particular tend to be skeptical about chakras  and spirit contact. Then consider that Jesus repeatedly came to disciples in dreams and revelations, after he left the earthly life. It is through this "Third Eye" that this type of contact is possible!* Fluoride is a neurotoxin that accumulates and calcifies the pineal gland. It is known that fluoride was used in Russian prisoners in Siberia to make them more compliant. If, on the other hand, we are receptive to Divine guidance, we follow no one else and that is "societal subversive". So also in Jesus' time. These knowledges along with the science of our potential through the Kundalini power are the early teachings of Jesus, which were confiscated and are still relatively unknown to most today and labeled as occult. The term occult itself simply means 'hidden' - knowledge is deliberately kept hidden from the masses.