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"The Ambassadors" of 1533,  Hans Holberg the younger


A protestant artist displaying the Vatican Ambassadors right before the Society of Jesus official forming. An artwork packed with symbols, to mean a few:
The famous anamorphic skull -  Ambassadors, the secret agents and assassins of the Vatican.
Peripheral crucifix -  Jesus not central in the Roman Catholic Church
Astronomical instruments; dials, quadrant and astrolabe , based on a four quarter circular earth and used to measure altitude of the sun and stars.


A globe (upside down) centered on Rome.
Science book by geocentrist Peter Apian next to plane geometry tools square and compass (what later was adopted as the symbol of Freemasonry).
Book of Lutheran hymns.
Lute has a broken string.


Diplomatic immunity:  protection or exemption from an obligation or penalty enjoyed by foreign states or international organizations and their officials from the jurisdiction of a host country.

Here says Swedish Margot Wallström at Council on Foreign Relationsabout his initiation of "Feminist Foreign Policy" in Sweden to later through them the Swedish embassies spread the concept to all countries.

...Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States... If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

― David Rockefeller

AARON RUSSO  (FEB14 1943 – AUG 24 2007)

Here filmmaker and activist Aaron Russo explains how Rockefeller orchestrated the whole women's liberation so that both women and men could be taxed and the children would be handed over to the state for previous indoctrination hence split the nuclear family.

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