BIG PHARMA - Researches, manufactures and distributes poisons and chemicals with the aim of making us lifelong customers. Also called allopathic medicine, instituted by globalist David Rockefeller. Engages in the smearing of natural medicine as well as the systematic  removal of influential natural healers.
One example is Pfizer, which has had to pay out billions in damages to injured and survivors.

BIG FOOD - A few companies focused on owning ALL "food" and grocery manufacturing. The goods are sold in colorful cartons, cans and bags and contain genetically modified substances and toxic additives - natural food processed beyond recognition and lifelessness.
They systematically quietly buy up well-known and safe brands that people trust.

Nestle's CEO claims that the water on earth is running out and that it can no longer be seen as a human right, which is pure nonsense because the earth is a closed system.

BIG TECH - A tool for subversion, control and propaganda. Intensive marketers of the New World Order/ NWO .

BIG PORN - Addictive distraction -  subversion and perversion of the sacred and creative union between two lovers.

BIG RELIGION - The syncretic ecumenical of the Jesuits & the Roman Catholic Church world religion.