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This is real science, with testable, repeatable results.

NASA is not a space agency, but a propaganda body to uphold the lie about the globe, promote globalism,  the climate crisis narrative and market others  fabricated crises.

Popular David Attenborough, Greta and  Jane Goddall is nothing but agents for the introduction of the new world order. Here represented by the World Economic Forum



Dick Harrison is an example of expertise with an agenda. He is obviously a Freemason himself and participates diligently in various media to spread a fabricated and falsified IHStory.

Here he defends Jesuits in a program series on Swedish Radio.

Alice Bah, WEF participant and Pär Holmgren , climate hoax spreader since the 90s also meteorologist and with 66.6% certainty aware that the earth is not a globe).

Black Lives Matter, not a grassroots movement but a Jesuit / George Soros -supported institution and part of  World Economic Forum's divide and conquer strategy.

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